Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mad Men: Episode 9: "I would have asked my secretary do it, but she's dead."

This week's episode of Mad Men definitely had some excitement. Let's start with Sally--Sally runs away to Don's office...alone. She hops on a train to his office. Luckily, a older woman finds Sally on the train and accompanies her to Don's office. At the office, she reprimands Don for not knowing where his daugther was. "Men never know what's going on," she says. Don offers her money for her time, however, she walks away, shaking her head. Obviously, Don is upset with his daughter but was this a cry for daddy's attention? Sally wants her father back and as Sally continues to act out, I can only wonder what will happen next...(As a side note, many people have blogged that Sally is starting to look like a young Drew Barrymore and I completely agree.)

With Sally's arrival comes Don's secretary departure. Mrs. Blankenship passes away at her desk and like Roger Sterling said, " She died like she lived--surrounded by the people she answered phones for." Farewell Mrs. Blankenship--I will miss your accent, your crossword puzzles and your sense of humor.

With a office death, Don asks Faye to bring Sally to his apartment. Faye follows orders and takes care of Sally for the rest of day. Sally questions her father's relationship with Faye because "she knew that you had peanut butter." Perhaps, Sally sees Faye as competition for Don's attention. Again, is this a cry for attention and is Sally trying to escape from Betty?

Another important thing to mention--Joan's recent bad luck. Her husband is leaving for Vietnam, she got mugged, her wedding rings were stolen and she seems to be fighting her love for Roger. After Joan and Roger kiss (after the mugging), Roger apologizes. Joan states that she isn't sorry but that she is married. Sounds like she is confused to me.

The episode ends with Faye, Joan and Peggy entering the elevator after a day of work. They all are staring into space and seem to be thinking of something. The elevator doors slowly close, the three woman stand their in silence and I wonder if they all are love sick? Faye is thinking about Don, Joan is thinking about Roger (not her husband) and Peggy is thinking about her new love interest.

Can't wait to see what happens Sunday.

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