Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Please take a look at my Professor's website--He reviews many TV shows, including Mad Men.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mad Men Recognized

Mad Men has several nominations for the upcoming Golden Globes: Best Television Series, Best Actor and Best Actress.

John Hamm was nominated for Best Actor and Elisabeth Moss was nominated for Best Actress. John Hamm has been nominated several times in past years. Go, Don!

Mad Men has been nominated for Best Television Series in the past well and is competing with other shows such as, The Walking Dead, The Good Wife and Dexter.

I think you know know my vote! Tune in on January 16th to watch and see what happens!

Character Review: Sally

Sally seemed to have a bit of a tough season. Sally had a hard time adjusting to Don and Betty's divorce. Sally isn't used to Don not being around. With all the negativity from Betty, Sally needs Don to be around. We see her desperate call for him when she runs away to NYC to find him at work. Hm..a cry for help?

With all the drama at home, Sally begins to act out and Betty puts her into counseling. The counseling seemed to be working, however, it seemed that Betty did not want to accept that. It just seems that Sally can't win.

She finally finds comfort in her friend, Glen. She likes talking to him and they enjoy each other's company. For some reason, Betty does not want Sally to hang out with Glen and decides to move out of the neighborhood. Fully taking Sally away from her new friend. Once again, Sally has to fend for herself.

The tension between Sally and Betty seems to only get worse. From my previous blogs, you know that I'm not a fan of Betty. I hope Sally finds comfort in someone else soon. With Don out of the house, her friendship with Glen taken away and no positive mother figure--I worry about Sally.

Hopefully, next season will pick up for Sally and she will find some peace at home. However, a lot of this depends on Betty, her actions and treatment towards Sally.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Character Review: Betty

Oh Betty, I remember back in Season 1 and 2 when I actually liked you--however, that is no more! Betty has really transformed over the seasons and has become a character on MadMen that most can't stand.

After the divorce, it seems that Betty really started to act out and show her true colors as a mother. Forget about Don but her treatment towards Sally is bizarre. It seems that she always want Sally to fail. We see this especially after Betty refuses to believe Sally's therapist about reducing her treatment and her improvements. You would think that any normal mother would be happy to hear about their child's progress...Additionally, she always seems to be blaming Sally for things or assuming that she as always done something wrong. Betty is good at blaming others--Don, Sally, even the housekeeper/nanny--never seems to take responsibility for her own actions. It is also obvious that Sally can't stand her own mother--she escapes, runs away to New York City to find Don and acts out. My heart goes out to little Sally.

In the last episodes, even Henry is starting to notice Betty's childish and odd behavior. After Betty fires Carla, Henry really gets heated. Betty then refuses to write Carla a recommendation for future employment. Carla doesn't deserve this, she blatantly has been raising the children ever since Don left and more importantly, because Betty can't do it on her own. Henry accuses Betty of acting like a child and not being honest with him. I think Henry has no idea what he got himself into. (Something to think about: Perhaps Betty is the reason why Don proposed to Meagan--By Betty firing Carla, Don needed to find someone to watch the kids. Don sees how well Meagan gets along with the kids and the connection is established. Perhaps Don should thank Betty, because of her selfish actions, Don was able to see a future wife in Meagan.)

I guess you can say that all the cheating and the divorce got to Betty. Yes, that might be a possibility but why does Betty have to treat her children so badly? It seems that she is taking all her anger from the divorce out on the kids. I really wish she would shape up for season 5.

I'm not too sure what is to come for Betty, if she keeps this up, I predict that Henry swears her off and leaves her. Good luck, Betty.

Character Review: Don Draper

Much has happened for Don over season four. After a divorce and threats to his job security--Don had a lot to recover from in this season. Nonetheless, watching Don Draper's character unfold was far from boring.

I'm first going to discuss his blatant anxiety issue that popped up this season. His anxiety seemed to have developed due to years of hiding his true self. It seems that all of this hiding came to a head this season as he becomes worried that the government will find out about this stolen identity. After constant hiding and running away from the truth, his anxiety begins to effect him physically. This is when Faye steps in and tries to give him a wake up call. She tries to convince him to stop hiding and start over. As a side note, this is where we really saw Faye truly care for Don and his well-being--their relationship was a nice change as Don's relationship with Betty became pretty terrible to watch. Frankly, I'm over Betty as well, but that's another blog post.

Now, Don's love life--surprised all of us at the end. For awhile I really thought that Faye and Don would work out just fine. She cared for him and that was obvious to him. So, from Betty to countless random women to Faye and now, to Meagan--I guess something is finally going to stick for Don. There are many theories as to why Don choose to Meagan over Faye. First, Meagan is less of a challenge--she is younger and just smart enough as Faye is older and a doctor. Secondly, Faye knows about his past and knows that he isn't the real Don Draper. He doesn't have to do any explaining to Meagan as I'm sure Faye would press Don to change and come out of hiding. And Don can just be Don with Meagan. Perhaps this Meagan seems easier for Don and perhaps, he took/wants the easier way out. Thirdly, Don choose Meagan for her ability to get along with his kids, especially Sally. Sally's relationship with Betty has been rocky this season and Meagan is a nice breath of fresh air for her. This is something that Don took a liking to and what seems to have won him over.

Not only was Don's family life changing but he also was experiencing changes at work. As the future of Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Price seems to be in question, Don stood up to the plate and took matters into his own hands--swearing off tobacco and cigarettes. Well, he sure made a statement as he does this in a article in the New York Times. So brave! (As you know, I Love Don)

Throughout this season Don has experienced changes and challenges in many aspects of his life. However, one must wonder what is to come for his character. Here are some of my predictions--I think that Don will go through with his marriage and eventually have a child with Meagan. In terms of Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Price--I'm not sure if the entire crew will stay on board but I'm sure Don will figure it out all.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Rumors

After season four ended, I have read countless articles and blog posts about this season finale being the series finale. Matthew Weiner has given several interviews about this and I'm getting mixed reviews. Some interviews suggest that this is the end, however, other interviews quote him saying that he sees the show continuing on to season five. Personally, I feel that there is so much more that can unfold in upcoming seasons. As a true and dedicated Mad Men fan, I hope the show continues!

Furthermore, there were some subliminal messages in past episodes that made me wonder about the future of Mad Men. Remember when Sally was talking to Glen about the Land-o-Lakes Butter packaging--and how she hates that it goes on forever, for infinity? Perhaps this is Weiner's way of suggesting that he doesn't want the show to go on any further...This could be a stretch but it is something to be noted.

Alittle information about Matthew Weiner--he is known for having ever season finale seem like it is the series finale because he wants viewers to be surprised when the show returns. So, this could also be a possibility.

However, we also need to acknowledge the huge success of Mad men. Mad Men has won 3 Emmys for Best Drama--would AMC want to lose such a successful show?

Here are some good articles and blogs to check out:
1. Arts Beat blog for the NY Times: "Matthew Weiner Closes the Books on Season 4 of Mad Men"
2. " Mad Men Returns in July; Will end after Season 6?"

So much has happened in this season and I'm eager to see how the characters unfold. Furthermore, what lies in the future for Sterling, Cooper , Draper and Price. I will continue to keep you updated on what I hear about the future of Mad Men and if we will be looking forward to another season.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mad Men: Season Four Finale.

The hope is gone. Don Draper is engaged--what will I do??? Who knew that Megan, Don's new, attractive secretary who he shared some after office time with would be the next Mrs. Draper. Well, I certainly didn't see it coming. I'm sure that many viewers can agree that Megan just seemed like another one of Don's women and didn't see the potential of their relationship.
So yes, to say the least, I was shocked by this proposal. Although the highlight of the episode, lets review some other things that I noticed through this finale first.
Firstly, with the new cutbacks at Sterling, Copper, Draper and Price, Joan gets stuck delivering the mail. At this point, I believe I saw a ever-so-small baby bump. Perhaps my sneaky suspicion was true--Joan never got her pregnancy "taken care of."
Secondly, because of Don's daring anti-smoking letter in the New York Times, Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Price land a meeting with the board of the American Cancer Society. Could this save SCDP? Well, I hope so...
Thirdly, Betty acts out again when she fires the nanny. What-a shocker. I think Betty finally realized that Carla has been more of a mother to Sally than she has ever been--and Betty didn't want to be perceived in that manner. Poor Sally, Betty has taken so much away from her--first Glen and now Carla. I always forget to mention Henry, but from the looks of his reaction when Carla was fired, I think Henry is starting to see the bad side of Betty.
Lastly, since Carla was fired. Don asks Megan to go to California with him and the kids. It is clear that Megan gets along great with Sally and Bobby--and Don likes this. Megan is far different from Betty and I'm starting to see how she might be a nice change for the kids. Back in New York, Megan wakes up to Don proposing. Furthermore, the ring that Don gives is Anna Draper's ring--this makes a huge statement for we all know how much Don adored Anna. Although many Don fans were shocked at the proposal and want Don to remain single-- I think that this might be good for him, Sally and Bobby. As for me--I will be living vicariously through a television character.