Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mad Men: Episode 10. "You won't mind if I wear earplugs?"

This week's Mad Men episode began with a bang: Joan finds out she is preganent with Roger's baby. Joan seems to be taking the news better than Roger as she insists that she will "take care of it" on her own. The reality of the pregnancy hits her in the waiting room of the doctor's office as she is confronted by a mother whose fifteen year old daughter is also pregnant. The mother in the waiting room assumed that Joan was a mother. Little does she know that Joan has had unwanted pregnancies in the past. However, it seems that Joan goes through with the abortion as she tells Roger in the office the next day.

Don's past comes back to haunt him through a possible advertisement job with the government. Don becomes paranoid--thinking that men from the government are after him. He wants to put money away for his kids because he is worried about his own well being.
His paranoia goes to an extreme as he goes into a panic attack and throws up in front of Faye. Faye takes care of Don and proves that she truly has feelings for him. Don explains his military past and name change with Faye. Sure enough, she becomes a shoulder for Don to cry on.

The worry of Don's past seems to fade quickly throughout the episode. Don's secretary finally pulls through and gets him Beatles tickets. Don surprises Sally with the tickets: "You won't mind if I wear earplugs?"

As the episode ends, Don stares at his secretary as she puts lipstick on. His longing stare can only raise questions about what will happen next between the two of them...

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