Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Character Review: Sally

Sally seemed to have a bit of a tough season. Sally had a hard time adjusting to Don and Betty's divorce. Sally isn't used to Don not being around. With all the negativity from Betty, Sally needs Don to be around. We see her desperate call for him when she runs away to NYC to find him at work. Hm..a cry for help?

With all the drama at home, Sally begins to act out and Betty puts her into counseling. The counseling seemed to be working, however, it seemed that Betty did not want to accept that. It just seems that Sally can't win.

She finally finds comfort in her friend, Glen. She likes talking to him and they enjoy each other's company. For some reason, Betty does not want Sally to hang out with Glen and decides to move out of the neighborhood. Fully taking Sally away from her new friend. Once again, Sally has to fend for herself.

The tension between Sally and Betty seems to only get worse. From my previous blogs, you know that I'm not a fan of Betty. I hope Sally finds comfort in someone else soon. With Don out of the house, her friendship with Glen taken away and no positive mother figure--I worry about Sally.

Hopefully, next season will pick up for Sally and she will find some peace at home. However, a lot of this depends on Betty, her actions and treatment towards Sally.

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