Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Character Review: Betty

Oh Betty, I remember back in Season 1 and 2 when I actually liked you--however, that is no more! Betty has really transformed over the seasons and has become a character on MadMen that most can't stand.

After the divorce, it seems that Betty really started to act out and show her true colors as a mother. Forget about Don but her treatment towards Sally is bizarre. It seems that she always want Sally to fail. We see this especially after Betty refuses to believe Sally's therapist about reducing her treatment and her improvements. You would think that any normal mother would be happy to hear about their child's progress...Additionally, she always seems to be blaming Sally for things or assuming that she as always done something wrong. Betty is good at blaming others--Don, Sally, even the housekeeper/nanny--never seems to take responsibility for her own actions. It is also obvious that Sally can't stand her own mother--she escapes, runs away to New York City to find Don and acts out. My heart goes out to little Sally.

In the last episodes, even Henry is starting to notice Betty's childish and odd behavior. After Betty fires Carla, Henry really gets heated. Betty then refuses to write Carla a recommendation for future employment. Carla doesn't deserve this, she blatantly has been raising the children ever since Don left and more importantly, because Betty can't do it on her own. Henry accuses Betty of acting like a child and not being honest with him. I think Henry has no idea what he got himself into. (Something to think about: Perhaps Betty is the reason why Don proposed to Meagan--By Betty firing Carla, Don needed to find someone to watch the kids. Don sees how well Meagan gets along with the kids and the connection is established. Perhaps Don should thank Betty, because of her selfish actions, Don was able to see a future wife in Meagan.)

I guess you can say that all the cheating and the divorce got to Betty. Yes, that might be a possibility but why does Betty have to treat her children so badly? It seems that she is taking all her anger from the divorce out on the kids. I really wish she would shape up for season 5.

I'm not too sure what is to come for Betty, if she keeps this up, I predict that Henry swears her off and leaves her. Good luck, Betty.

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