Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mad Men: Season Four Finale.

The hope is gone. Don Draper is engaged--what will I do??? Who knew that Megan, Don's new, attractive secretary who he shared some after office time with would be the next Mrs. Draper. Well, I certainly didn't see it coming. I'm sure that many viewers can agree that Megan just seemed like another one of Don's women and didn't see the potential of their relationship.
So yes, to say the least, I was shocked by this proposal. Although the highlight of the episode, lets review some other things that I noticed through this finale first.
Firstly, with the new cutbacks at Sterling, Copper, Draper and Price, Joan gets stuck delivering the mail. At this point, I believe I saw a ever-so-small baby bump. Perhaps my sneaky suspicion was true--Joan never got her pregnancy "taken care of."
Secondly, because of Don's daring anti-smoking letter in the New York Times, Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Price land a meeting with the board of the American Cancer Society. Could this save SCDP? Well, I hope so...
Thirdly, Betty acts out again when she fires the nanny. What-a shocker. I think Betty finally realized that Carla has been more of a mother to Sally than she has ever been--and Betty didn't want to be perceived in that manner. Poor Sally, Betty has taken so much away from her--first Glen and now Carla. I always forget to mention Henry, but from the looks of his reaction when Carla was fired, I think Henry is starting to see the bad side of Betty.
Lastly, since Carla was fired. Don asks Megan to go to California with him and the kids. It is clear that Megan gets along great with Sally and Bobby--and Don likes this. Megan is far different from Betty and I'm starting to see how she might be a nice change for the kids. Back in New York, Megan wakes up to Don proposing. Furthermore, the ring that Don gives is Anna Draper's ring--this makes a huge statement for we all know how much Don adored Anna. Although many Don fans were shocked at the proposal and want Don to remain single-- I think that this might be good for him, Sally and Bobby. As for me--I will be living vicariously through a television character.

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