Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Rumors

After season four ended, I have read countless articles and blog posts about this season finale being the series finale. Matthew Weiner has given several interviews about this and I'm getting mixed reviews. Some interviews suggest that this is the end, however, other interviews quote him saying that he sees the show continuing on to season five. Personally, I feel that there is so much more that can unfold in upcoming seasons. As a true and dedicated Mad Men fan, I hope the show continues!

Furthermore, there were some subliminal messages in past episodes that made me wonder about the future of Mad Men. Remember when Sally was talking to Glen about the Land-o-Lakes Butter packaging--and how she hates that it goes on forever, for infinity? Perhaps this is Weiner's way of suggesting that he doesn't want the show to go on any further...This could be a stretch but it is something to be noted.

Alittle information about Matthew Weiner--he is known for having ever season finale seem like it is the series finale because he wants viewers to be surprised when the show returns. So, this could also be a possibility.

However, we also need to acknowledge the huge success of Mad men. Mad Men has won 3 Emmys for Best Drama--would AMC want to lose such a successful show?

Here are some good articles and blogs to check out:
1. Arts Beat blog for the NY Times: "Matthew Weiner Closes the Books on Season 4 of Mad Men"
2. " Mad Men Returns in July; Will end after Season 6?"

So much has happened in this season and I'm eager to see how the characters unfold. Furthermore, what lies in the future for Sterling, Cooper , Draper and Price. I will continue to keep you updated on what I hear about the future of Mad Men and if we will be looking forward to another season.

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