Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Character Review: Don Draper

Much has happened for Don over season four. After a divorce and threats to his job security--Don had a lot to recover from in this season. Nonetheless, watching Don Draper's character unfold was far from boring.

I'm first going to discuss his blatant anxiety issue that popped up this season. His anxiety seemed to have developed due to years of hiding his true self. It seems that all of this hiding came to a head this season as he becomes worried that the government will find out about this stolen identity. After constant hiding and running away from the truth, his anxiety begins to effect him physically. This is when Faye steps in and tries to give him a wake up call. She tries to convince him to stop hiding and start over. As a side note, this is where we really saw Faye truly care for Don and his well-being--their relationship was a nice change as Don's relationship with Betty became pretty terrible to watch. Frankly, I'm over Betty as well, but that's another blog post.

Now, Don's love life--surprised all of us at the end. For awhile I really thought that Faye and Don would work out just fine. She cared for him and that was obvious to him. So, from Betty to countless random women to Faye and now, to Meagan--I guess something is finally going to stick for Don. There are many theories as to why Don choose to Meagan over Faye. First, Meagan is less of a challenge--she is younger and just smart enough as Faye is older and a doctor. Secondly, Faye knows about his past and knows that he isn't the real Don Draper. He doesn't have to do any explaining to Meagan as I'm sure Faye would press Don to change and come out of hiding. And Don can just be Don with Meagan. Perhaps this Meagan seems easier for Don and perhaps, he took/wants the easier way out. Thirdly, Don choose Meagan for her ability to get along with his kids, especially Sally. Sally's relationship with Betty has been rocky this season and Meagan is a nice breath of fresh air for her. This is something that Don took a liking to and what seems to have won him over.

Not only was Don's family life changing but he also was experiencing changes at work. As the future of Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Price seems to be in question, Don stood up to the plate and took matters into his own hands--swearing off tobacco and cigarettes. Well, he sure made a statement as he does this in a article in the New York Times. So brave! (As you know, I Love Don)

Throughout this season Don has experienced changes and challenges in many aspects of his life. However, one must wonder what is to come for his character. Here are some of my predictions--I think that Don will go through with his marriage and eventually have a child with Meagan. In terms of Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Price--I'm not sure if the entire crew will stay on board but I'm sure Don will figure it out all.

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